Do you think you will have more or less health issues as you get older? If you WERE to develop a major health issue, do you want the choice to pick the best hospital and doctor or do you want an insurance company to choose the level of care? A Medicare Supplement in conjunction with Medicare gives you the freedom to choose the type of care you desire.
Let us help you shop your Medicare Supplement each year. With the right Medicare Supplement, you will know how much you’ll pay in medical expenses each year.


How are our services free? Just like auto and home insurance companies, health insurance companies directly compensate the agent. There are no savings to you if you by-pass the agent, so allow us to help you for free. We partner with the best companies in your state to help fit your needs and budget.
Why be your own insurance agent when we can help you for free?


The federal government mandates the benefits offered by an insurance company. All insurance companies provide the same benefits; the only difference is the premium you pay. That’s why it’s important that you shop for your insurance every year. Though your coverage and benefits may be the same with each company, the renewal history and underwriting can be vastly different.
We will navigate the selection process for you to make certain that you have the best plan with the right insurance carrier.

Overwhelmed by all the information from Medicare and insurance companies?

Why be your own insurance agent when we can help you for free?

Every year premiums go up, but there may be carriers who have reduced premiums for the same coverage.

We will shop yearly for all the carriers in your area to make sure you are not paying more than you should. There is no cost to you to benefit from our 30 plus years of experience.


Joann S., Tucker, GA

"I met Mike and Michael through my grandson, who played football with Michael at Clemson. I came to know and believe the Wade family were some of the best people I have ever met. As a result, I have trusted my insurance needs with them. They keep me educated and updated on any developments, and I would give them my absolute highest recommendation."

Jo H., Greer, SC

"One of the best decisions my husband and I made after retirement was using the services of Mike Wade. He researched and found the best Medicare Supplement and prescription drug plans to fit our needs and budget. This year, Michael guided me with my plans and made the transition a breeze. Mike and Michael certainly get an A+ rating from this satisfied client!"

Jane K., Greenville, SC

"After moving to South Carolina 1.5 years ago, I realized it was essential to have both financial and health care advice. Fortunately, I was introduced to MIke and Michael Wade who have filled these needs splendidly. Their expertise is superb, and I would highly recommend them and the services they offer!"

Toula L., Charleston, SC

"I have been a client of Mike and Michael's for many years and am confident that they always have my best interest at heart. They respond quickly to any questions I have, and they make sure my plan is always best for me. This year, they helped me save $40 per month and keep the same, great coverage. In other words, they are always looking out for me! I feel safe with them!"