We have been providing senior healthcare solutions for over 35 years.

Benefits 4 Seniors was created to specifically focus on the healthcare needs of our current and future clients and to provide dedicated support and information in one place. Our team is comprised of family and we treat our clients like family. Our goal is to help our clients navigate the confusing waters of Medicare coverage with as little discomfort or disruption as possible. We want to provide you with results that lower monthly expenses and save you money in the long run. However, we aren’t done after the point of sale! We stick with our clients and offer annual reviews of their coverage, costs, and future projections. We aren’t going to provide a policy solution and walk away after the sale. It’s just not who we are or want to be. We really believe and see ourselves as advocates for seniors based on our own story.

"Our goal is to help our clients navigate the confusing waters of Medicare coverage with as little discomfort or disruption as possible."

Mike, Michael, and Elizabeth have 35+ years in helping seniors. We have a strong commitment to integrity, hard work, and care. These were embedded within our DNA while playing football (Mike and Michael) and volleyball (Elizabeth) at Clemson University. Both Mike and Michael played football under national championship coaches, Danny Ford and Dabo Swinney respectively, while Elizabeth graduated from Clemson as a four year letterman. During those years Mike and Michael were shaped and molded by these coaches who instilled a strong sense of integrity, character, and servanthood in their players. We take our responsibility seriously and believe senior adults deserve the best possible representation available.

From our Clients

Joann S., Tucker, GA

"I met Mike and Michael through my grandson, who played football with Michael at Clemson. I came to know and believe the Wade family were some of the best people I have ever met. As a result, I have trusted my insurance needs with them. They keep me educated and updated on any developments, and I would give them my absolute highest recommendation."

Jo H., Greer, SC

"One of the best decisions my husband and I made after retirement was using the services of Mike Wade. He researched and found the best Medicare Supplement and prescription drug plans to fit out needs and budget. This year, Michael guided me with my plans and made the transition a breeze. Mike and Michael certainly get an A+ rating from this satisfied client!"

Jane K., Greenville, SC

"After moving to South Carolina 1.5 years ago, I realized it was essential to have both financial and health care advice. Fortunately, I was introduced to MIke and Michael Wade who have filled these needs splendidly. Their expertise is superb, and I would highly recommend them and the services they offer!"

Toula L., Charleston, SC

"I have been a client of Mike and Michael's for many years and am confident that they always have my best interest at heart. They respond quickly to any questions I have, and they make sure my plan is always best for me. This year, they helped me save $40 per month and keep the same, great coverage. In other words, they are always looking out for me! I feel safe with them!"

    Our Goal is to Take Care of You

    We want to take care of our clients and provide trusted counsel to a vulnerable population who are suspicious, skeptical, and often hesitant to change their healthcare coverage.  We want to be an advocate in regard to their healthcare coverage.  We want to be friends and provide a sense of security and trusted partnership for them.  We want our clients to feel safe and informed of their options in healthcare that meets their needs and is mindful of their budget.